LB★Works Lamborghini Huracan Ver.2 “Exchange Fender” Kit

REVOLUTIONARY! LB★WORKS Lamborghini Huracan Exchange Fenders for the Version 2 Body Kit requires NO-CUTTING of the Lamborghini Aventador body.

Please note the Version 2 Ducktail Wing is included with this body kit. The Version 2 Wing is a ducktail style spoiler with a less aggressive look-n-feel than the LB★WORKS Version 1 “GT Style” Lamborghini Huracan Wing from Liberty Walk.

** A digital air management suspension system from AirREX is also highly recommended for a bespoke fitment. Fully-adjustable Coilovers can be used in some situations, but we recommend AirREX Air Suspension to all Lamborghini Huracan clients.


Ready for Production
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Air Freight Direct from Japan+ AIR FREIGHT DELIVERY OPTION (ADD 1 WEEK)
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Ocean Freight Direct from Japan+ OCEAN FREIGHT DELIVERY OPTION (ADD 3-4 WEEKS)
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Build TimesAVERAGE PART/KIT BUILD TIMES (8-12 WEEKS)

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