LB★Works Lamborghini Murcielago Limited Edition Body Kit

Special Edition. Limited Production. Introducing the beastly LB★Works Lamborghini Murcielago Limited Edition Body Kit from Liberty Walk. Available in Full FRP and FRP with CFRP upgraded side diffusers. Choice of three (x3) different Wings. Long live the V12. Long live the King.

*Does require much larger (width) wheels to accommodate the new Murcielago wide fenders. Cutting body is required for install.

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Ready for Production
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Air Freight Direct from Japan+ AIR FREIGHT DELIVERY OPTION (ADD 1 WEEK)
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Ocean Freight Direct from Japan+ OCEAN FREIGHT DELIVERY OPTION (ADD 3-4 WEEKS)
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Build TimesAVERAGE PART/KIT BUILD TIMES (8-12 WEEKS)


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