LB★Nation Infiniti Q50 Side Skirts

The Liberty Walk Infiniti Q50 Side Skirts (sold as a pair DRI+PAS) are available in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic [FRP] or CFRP [Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic].

All LBWK Infiniti Q50 Body Kits and Q50 product orders ship Freight from Japan and may take several weeks to develop, crate and ship. All prices exclusive of shipping.


Ready for Production
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Air Freight Direct from Japan+ AIR FREIGHT DELIVERY OPTION (ADD 1 WEEK)
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Ocean Freight Direct from Japan+ OCEAN FREIGHT DELIVERY OPTION (ADD 3-4 WEEKS)
Liberty Walk USA Delivery Build TimesAVERAGE PART/KIT BUILD TIMES (8-12 WEEKS)


LB★Nation Infiniti Q50 Side Skirt

OEM Fitment for: Q50, Q50 S, Q50 Red Sport

Infiniti Q50 Liberty Walk options sold separately

Liberty Walk Infiniti Q50 Carbon Fiber Hood CF ($2,860.00)
Liberty Walk Infiniti Q50 Front Bumper with Diffuser FRP ($1,730.00)
Liberty Walk Infiniti Q50 Rear Diffuser FRP ($1,100.00)
Liberty Walk Infiniti Q50 Side Skirts FRP ($880.00)
Liberty Walk Infiniti Q50 Ducktail Spoiler FRP ($720.00)

Complete shipping options and international rates are sent following all purchase[s].


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