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The fellas at Liberty Walk Japan have given JDM purists in the USA a reason to jump for joy with their latest collection of widebody kits and parts. The Acura NSX (as-sold in ‘Murica) got the full treatment from LBWK for the 2016+ models. Go aggressive and give your Acura NSX a full send with the Version 1 LB-“Works” Widebody Kit; or keep it clean and the fenders stock (avoid cutting anything) with the Version 2 LB-performance edition from Liberty Walk. Either way, your 2016+ Acura NSX will turn some ‘more‘ heads with either kit. The Liberty Walk Acura NSX Widebody Kit prices range from $20,250.00 USD to $39,400.00, depending on available options, which may include FRP, CFRP or DRY CARBON.

The 2016+ Liberty Walk NSX body kits turned out to be so successful, Liberty Walk decided to update the old NA1 NSX too. Why not? Full Widebody Kit price for the LB-Works NSX NA1 Complete Body Kit is $13,100.00 USD, plus shipping. Don’t forget to upgrade your wheels and suspension while you are at it. is the retailer of choice for all Liberty Walk parts in the USA. All Liberty Walk auto body parts & body kits are shipped direct from Owariasahi [Aichi Prefecture] Japan, Air-Freight (7-8 days) or by Ocean (3-4 weeks). Complete shipping options and international rates are sent following all purchase[s].

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