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The fellas at Liberty Walk Japan have given JDM purists in the USA a reason to jump for joy with their latest collection of widebody kits and parts. The Acura NSX (as-sold in ‘Murica) got the full treatment from LBWK for the 2016+ models. Go aggressive and give your Acura NSX a full send with the Version 1 LB-“Works” Widebody Kit; or keep it clean and the fenders stock (avoid cutting anything) with the Version 2 LB-performance edition from Liberty Walk. Either way, your 2016+ Acura NSX will turn some ‘more‘ heads with either kit. The Liberty Walk Acura NSX Widebody Kit prices range from $20,250.00 USD to $39,400.00, depending on available options, which may include FRP, CFRP or DRY CARBON.